Desert Landscape looking like an Oasis

Southern Nevada homeowners are conscious of the water shortage in the desert. Since SNWA introduced the drought-related water restrictions, the landscapes of our communities began to reshape. Since 2003 grass front yards are banned at new developments and homeowners of older properties are incentivized to remove water thirsty lawns from their front yards. Together, residents, businesses and municipalities have removed thousands of acres of turf, planted desert landscaping and curbed water waste. Major strides have been accomplished over the last few years lowering the 314 gallons per person per day to about 205 gallons in 2014.

In order to preserve an ...

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XL Landscape Development is licensed, bonded, and insured to offer sweeping services in Nevada.

The trash, the ripped splotches of oil and gas from vehicles, dust, sand, dirt and foliage will accumulate around the exterior of your business. You can’t stop it. Not only does this waste contribute to the deterioration of paving material, it is tracked into the interior of buildings, and fills the air and enters our water system. Areas that are not regularly swept are more likely to be contaminated by disease-carrying rodents and other infection animals.

XL Landscape’s sweeping services are just what you need to create a positive impression of your Business/Residence. Your cl...

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As spring approaches and people come out of “hibernation”, so does your landscape. While many plants and trees go dormant in the winter, almost everything goes into a state of “suspended animation” as the cold weather drastically reduces the plants growth due to cold weather, ground temperatures and reduced sunlight (photosynthesis). While in this state, the plant conserves and stores energy for preservation. As the weather warms, the plant rejuvenates and the stored energy is released resulting in flowers, new leaves, fruit, new roots and overall growth. This is why timing is so important for such activities such as hard pruning, fertilization and new planting. ...

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We, at XL Landscape Development, are passionate about what we do. Every project is a new challenge for us. As a landscape construction company, we take pride in creating unforgettable custom-tailored designs for commercial businesses and private residences throughout Nevada and California. As a commercial maintenance company, we have the privilege to care for the lawns of commercial properties with the highest public scrutiny.

We believe now is the right time to share our passion for beautiful landscapes with you. Today we are launching our blog. We plan to update it with information relevant to the industry and our projects. We hope our blog will bring you joy.
If you are not familiar with XL...

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